Wounded Galaxies

The new Cyclobe album is fucking awesome.

Just saying.

Interview at The Quietus with Steven Thrower & Ossian Brown about the album here.

Here’s a snip:

Ossian Brown: We premiered ‘The Woods Are Alive’ alongside Mark Titchner’s excellent ‘Protection’ sculptural piece, Austin Osman Spare, work by David Noonan, and Graham Sutherland’s fantastic dark landscapes. Having our piece played in close proximity to such a great collection of work felt perfect to us. The Tate was being bombarded with coastal storms that day, with rain pounding the glass ceiling – it made quite an atmosphere when we played our piece.

I consider myself pagan – [Coil member] Jhon Balance used to call me a hedge witch. Well, that’s me alright! My beliefs feed enormously into the work I do, the art I create, of course it couldn’t be any other way. I’m not a member of any group though, I’m not interested in joining magickal organizations. I’m not following strict recipes. It’s all very instinct-based for me, intuitive and personal, it’s very nature-based. I think we become sensitive when we’re working, it can feel like we’re touching, conjoining with something magical that’s expressing itself through us, that we’re interpreters. When I work I like to think it has an effect, that it’s active, very much so with a sense of invocation. I want it to be charged, to change things, to move people, transform spaces.


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