Oh so sore

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I started going to martial arts classes 2-3x a week and during the last three+ weeks there has not been a single day when I was not sore. It’s a much harder workout than lifting weights, that’s for sure. And it’s nice to see that I’m getting better at really basic stuff, like jump rope jumping (surprisingly difficult and exhausting).

Even after such a short time I already think this was a really good decision. I feel better mentally (not as stressed) and it takes my mind off things that bother me. And it’s also something I always wanted to do. Well, actually, do again after having gone to German Ju-Jutsu classes when I was 7 or 8 years old and, fuck, either I do it now, today, or it might be too late all of a sudden. Time flies, as we all know.

This entire project also got me thinking about hobbies and I never thought about lifting or any kind of other sport as a hobby, especially not for me. So I tried different things, whittling, carving, etc., which all never really excited me. However, I almost never feel as content with myself as I do when I’m working out physically, so I guess that’s my hobby then. I like that it’s physical and, especially in the case of weightlifting, it doesn’t ‘add’ anything to the world. It’s just physical movement in its purest form; moving a heavy object against gravity along a specific path. There’s nothing more to it and this non-thinking is very soothing for me.

In the case of martial arts I love to move my body through the combinations and the feeling when it finally feels right (trust me, 98% of it feels very wrong at this point) is pretty great.


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