Kenneth Anger Interview on VICE

For the completionists; THE SORDID SECRETS OF BABYLON

During a lunch meeting with author John Gilmore […], Kenneth became a point of conversation yet again. John put it more eloquently than anyone when he said the director has been “the iconoclastic, ancient, experimental filmmaker and thorn in Hollywood’s groin since childhood, a self-proclaimed spiritual magician who predates the glamour days.” He went on to recount the time Kenneth showed up at fellow director and mutual friend Curtis Harrington’s funeral at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery wearing a black raincoat, eyeliner, and fingernail polish. His shirt was opened to his navel, revealing the giant lucifer tattoo emblazoned across his chest, and he was accompanied by a boyish photographer who took pictures as Kenneth kissed Curtis’s corpse before its cremation. Before he was ejected from the premises, Kenneth handed John a small plastic vampire figurine that contained mint candies inside, clarifying its original use by saying, “It’s actually a dispenser for tickle-ribbed rubbers.”

UPDATE: Here’s what you get for not reading an interview before posting a link to it. This is a pretty shitty interview. If the questions are longer than the answers, you know something is not right. I think we all know that VICE is a pretty mixed bag, right, so at least it’s nice to see that they are consistent in that respect.


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