Everything is here!

Yep, it’s been quiet. The last weeks were busy, with going back the East Coast, coming back, waiting for moving containers, emptying moving containers, playing storage origami in a storage unit that seemed way to small for all our stuff, and looking for work.

The good news is that all our stuff made it across the country, is safely stored away, and our place out East is emptying out, as well.

That’s really most of the news. In addition to lifting weights I started going to MMA classes in what I can only assume is an early onset midlife-crisis. It’s great, but also insanely exhausting. While my strength is okay (I think) and I have some muscle memory from when I took German Ju Jutsu classes after watching Bloodsport, my endurance is terrible. I want to change that. Especially considering how sketchy that entire healthcare thing here in this country is working out and eating healthily seems mandatory. It’s ironic that in a Western nation with one of the shittiest healthcare there are also some of the most unhealthiest people. And I mean made unhealthy by what’s called Zivilisationskrankheiten and not stuff like cholera and whatnot.


I also bought a suit today. Turns out I don’t fit into the one I bought ten years ago.


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