Washing Machines

Last week I finally went out and bought some new sweaters. I always wash these things before I put them on, because The Man puts all kinds of chemicals into clothing to keep them from being eaten by insects and whatnot and I got curious about how warm the ‘warm’ setting on a washing machine actually gets. Because on the label it said 30ºC, so…

I looked around on the internet and it turns out that apparently this is a specifically German expat problem (our washing machines have a temperature setting) and Americans are very quick to make fun of us for asking that question. ‘Warm means warm, cold means cold, what’s not to understand? lol’

You know what? First of all, fuck you.

Second of all, clothing has a temperature on the label, so it makes sense to have a corresponding temperature setting on the machine and not have it dependent on what you set your boiler on for the rest of your house.

This really made me angry, because ‘warm is warm’ is really the dumbest, douche-baggy, provincial answer to that question. Maybe take your heads out of your asses and show a little curiosity.

And learn the fucking metric system, like the rest of the world.

And, fuck me, sell proper washing machines that have settings that go beyond the understanding of a three-year-old and correspond with the labels on clothing.

Fucking idiots.


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