Guilty Pleasures: Trivets

Well, okay, this is not exactly a guilty pleasure, but maybe and odd and unexpected one: I like to collect trivets. I don’t actively go out on trivet-scavenging trips, but if I am in a thrift store and there happens to be a trivet that’s agreeable to me I buy it. However, why not get a little more focused about this, because, the gods know, a well-made cast-iron trivet is a wonderful thing.

But I’m picky. Considering how many trivets I’ve seen, so far only two made the cut.

This one is my favorite and also the one that sparked my interest:


Its form is very pleasing, the size is perfect for a stove top coffee maker, and it has three little ‘feet’ and a handle. It also has a nice heft to it, which doesn’t hurt either. While a lot of trivets are symmetrical, the one above is much better than this one:


This one is larger than the other one, so a smaller pot looks a little lost on it. The lack of a handle is also displeasing, but it is more convenient space-wise.

What makes a good trivet? These are all nice, but I have to admit that I don’t like them too ornamental, which makes them more into a decorative object than one for daily use. There has to be balance. So, in the picture below, top row first from the left would be way too much for my taste. Generally speaking, round is better than square or, the worst, leaf-shaped, which I think were used for resting a cloth iron on. None of the handles of the ones below do it for me, either.

From looking around in thrift stores there seem to be trivets that are there solely for the purpose of being hung up on a wall. This is terrible.

There is also the entire family of clay or glass trivets, which does not interest me at all.

I did an image search and there are really not a lot of trivets that appeal to me, so maybe I’ve found my trivet.

A collection of one!

How’s that for a break from the usual topics? Ha! So, yeah, that’s a damn fine trivet I have there. 😉


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures: Trivets

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