What’s with all the photos?

Yeah, right?

I’ve finally finished reading all the back issues of magazines that accumulated since I’ve started reading George R.R. Martin, so now I’m up to speed again. And, looking back over the last couple of weeks and looking way back at my posts from last year I noticed that my posts have gotten quite short. I’m not sure what the reason is, but it’s probably because there is not much going on while, at the same time, there is a lot going on. As you might know, we are starting out chain migration across the continent soon, so last week a big box of anxiety was delivered to our front door. I’m excited about moving, but anxious about moving without a job. However, I’d have to change jobs no matter what, because the one right now has been slowly eating my soul over the last 4 months or so.

So in that sense, change is good. Scary but good.

Nothing has been going on in matters esoteric and otherwisely weird.


I have noticed that this really comes in waves for me, sometimes I seem to have the mental energy to immerse myself, at other times I can’t stand reading anything more complicated than a novel. Or watching a fucking TV show (btw., the season finale of the third season of Damages [spoilers] was about as shitty and lame as Deadwood’s [spoilers]). I think my subconscious might by busy processing something or other and there’s just not enough room for LaVey or Crowley. However, soon, in addition to preparing for a move, finding work, and tweaking my resume, I might find the time (and energy) to squeeze them in. I like to go with the flow with these things.


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