Working out…again.

So it’s that time again. The last time I worked out in a gym was, fuck, years ago. Then I tried to save money and do the bodyweight thing, but that’s hard. It’s hard to do this at home and it’s hard when it’s so humid that you can barely breathe (summer) or so cold that it’s hard to warm up before working out (winter).

Anyway, our offices moved and now a gym is right on my way home, so I can quickly swing by, work out, and go on home. It’s really perfect. And I got to say, that the plan my gym gave me back in Germany really sucked. I talked to my brother who told me about some exercises and a general training concept build around a bunch of core exercises that don’t change (squat, deadlift, bench press), which is essentially Rippetoe’s program (with some modifications), and some assistance exercises. That makes much more sense to me than the other plans I’ve had before. So, here goes:

Day A
Bench Press

Day B
Overhead Press

Assistance exercises so far are crunches and back extensions.

Yep. That’s it. And let me tell you, this feels much better than the plans I had before. I’m sore as fuck, but I actually feel that I’m exercises the whole body and not just one muscle. And I like working out with free weights and not being dependent on machines, etc.


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