New Years Reso…ah, fuck that.


I didn’t really keep with mine from last year and I’m pretty sure you didn’t either.[1] So what’s with the guilt? No resolutions for this happy camper for 2012. Well, except that I have to go to the gym again. But that’s really more of a realization than a resolution.

And I need to find a new job. And move 3,000+ miles. More on that once things become more concrete.

Speaking of work though, looking back 2011 has been a year of devastating frustration. I’m glad this period will be over pretty soon and let’s hope I’m not jumping from the frying pan into the fire. But I’m glad for the experience and knowing what you don’t want is almost as good as knowing what you want, no?

Other things that happened in 2011: a bunch of friends moved away, which was sad. A found a bunch of new friends, which was nice, but also inherently sad, because I have to leave them behind soon. To which all I can say is, remember how we laughed. Looking back, it was really a year of losses, big and small. On the other hand, we are starting a new chapter in our lives and while this is scary it’s also exciting.

I cut my hair three weeks short of the end of the year. The long hair thing just got too annoying, especially after the hot summer, and I rarely wore it open anyway, so; it’s short-hair time again. Sooo much easier to take care of.

This year I also de-activated my Facebook account, because it just got too creepy, and it feels like being locked out of the party. But that’s okay. Every couple of weeks I’m tempted to re-activate it, but then I read something about Facebook’s privacy changes, interface changes, or what have you, and then I just can’t be bothered. I tried the Google+ thing, but man, that sure didn’t work out. So I don’t know, maybe I will be back, maybe I won’t. If I’m back, it’s all The Roc‘s fault. Fuck you, sheeple! I’m back on and learned about the lost toad-purse!!! And babies!!!!! You all thought you could keep me in the dark, but no more!!!!!! (Just in case though, Facebook Cookie Killer (Chrome) is being utilized quite often.)

The Wife is quilting and I’m needle-felting little friends that she says “look disturbing”. Speaking of which, very happy to have The Wife with me. 🙂

No new musical discoveries, although I’ve really dug Popol Vuh in the last third of 2011.

Anyway, even though my 2011 was more of the ‘meh & good riddance’ variety I hope your 2011 was okay and things went the way you hoped they would. If you can get off your butts and write I post about it on your blog I’d be delighted to read and comment on it.

[1] So I just looked at that post and that’s actually not 100% true. I did brew beer and I did take more photos. I did write more, mostly here thanks to the 2011 post a week challenge. However, I did not work out more and while my work-life balance is better, I’m still not handling stress that well.


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