Visiting Germany


So, yeah, it’s odd being back here. The very first thing that struck me was that everybody seems to be in a horrible mood. People on the streets, waitresses, cashiers — no smiles, no frown turned upside down, people showing you out of the streets, people standing next to the ‘open door’ button in the elevator not pressing it while an old lady is gettings squished by the doors…fuck me, all the things I did not miss after I left are all still there. And on top of things the sun didn’t shine once since we got here last Tuesday and it alternatively rained and snowed.

However, it’s been great meeting some old friends again! Some new babies are here, the ones who’ve already been around 2 years ago grew quite a bit…and it’s simply good to catch up. I really miss having friends that live in a place permanently and to live in a place permanently myself. Transience sucks.

Funnily enough, one thing that occurred to me was that I connect many places here with food. Where I ate a good Döner Kebab, had a Curry Boulette or sausage — I’ve been eating a lot of meat since I got here! Leberkäse, Landjäger…hmmmm!

That’s really it. No thoughts of work, lots of walking around the old stomping grounds…things have changed, bars and cafes have closed, new ones have opened, old bars have completely new staff…it’s a little sad, too. Having pretty mixed feelings about this trip, me.

I have been taking a lot of photos though.

Which is good, I guess.


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