Limp cloth binding, Sweden, 1451-1452. Medieval limp cloth binding of linen with three seals.

Limp cloth binding: Detail

The National Library of Sweden uploaded a collection of bindings from the Middle Ages to, well, today to their flickr.

The presentation is based on generations of librarians’ selections of beautiful, expensive, typical, unique, artistic and quaint bindings in the National Library’s collections.

Some bindings are of royal origin, some are war trophies, but there are also gifts, statutory copies, purchases from auctions, antiquarian booksellers and exhibitions here, as well as bindings that have been ordered especially for the National Library.

Over the last 50 years, three persons in particular have worked towards producing and supplementing the collections of bindings: Sten G. Lindberg, Per S. Ridderstad and Karin Wijkström, the latter the founder of the National Library’s Bookbinding treasure room.

In addition to traditional, magnificent leather bindings from the printed collections, paper bindings, textile bindings and publishers’ bindings are being displayed, along with collections of manuscripts, maps and images.

If you are even remotely into this kind of thing, check it out.


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