Roadside Stop

For the last four or five years we’ve driven up to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving every year to visit family. It’s always a nice trip, not only because it’s great to get away from this dismal place, but also because it’s really a change of place — rural and not urban. Lots of cows, fields, and, most of all, it’s quiet! It’s so, so quiet! Our apartment here is a couple of blocks from to the highway, so there’s a constant hum. Add to that sirens (police & fire engines) and the occasional yelling outside and you get the picture. The only time it’s quiet here is during a snow emergency, when the highways are closed. That happened only once, during the freak snow storm last winter. So, yeah, I like it when it’s quiet.

Also, I got myself an iPod touch as an early Christmas present and this thing is, like, the coolest thing ever. I love the camera and the ability to take a picture and upload it to flickr right away. And it’s not as bulky as my other camera, whose battery compartment makes it impossible to fit it into your pocket. Granted, the camera in the iPod is not the best, but I think the pictures turned out pretty decent. (I’m also in the market for a new camera, because my old one is starting to die. This time I’ll definitely look for one that slides into a pocket easily.)

Anyway. I hope you’ve had a good one, too. I’m ten pounds heavier (at least) and I hope you are, too.




Mini Mart


Winter Road




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