Worship the Goat for some good luck!

It’s about time to become a person again. Fall is here and that means that the temperatures are at a point now where I can actually concentrate for longer than 10 minutes on something that’s not a crime novel or a TV show (that means below 25ºC).

I’m still obsessively reading George R.R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series (volume 2 volume 3!) am also planning to get back into the groove with The Book of Lies.

However, my entire esoterica reading list has been in suspended animation over the last months. With work winding down (somewhat) towards the winter (and being on reduced time) and autumn’s chill and rain and wind it’s really the perfect time to start it up again. I’m looking forward to that.

The last summer and beginning of fall has not been a good time, a lot of frustration at work, hot & humid every single day — there is only so much a man can take without dreading every day. This month is the first where I’m on reduced time and I’m really happy to have an entire extra day at my disposal. And while I’m scared by the thought of having to look for work again, I’m happy that I’ll stop doing what I’m doing now.

Another reason for why it is a good time to move on is that lot of my friends have moved away over the last year, which makes it oh so much easier to leave, as well. And others will be left behind, which is sad. If I had my way I’d pack all of you up and take you with me out West. That would be the perfect solution, really.

Anyway, there’s still the internet and other ways to keep in touch, but sometimes a Grumpy German does feel a little lonely.


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