Why I don’t read the news.

Well, that’s not totally true, but over the last year or so looking at the news makes my bile boil up into my mouth. I mean seriously: What the fuck? I can’t believe the Republicans actually sucking up to these tea bagging assholes (pun definitely intended) in order to get elected. I truly have the feeling that they are playing with fire here and the most frustrating part of this is that this movement is financed by exactly the kind of capitalistic big business pricks whose only goal is to keep a large enough percentage of people uneducated so that they can sell them shit and feed them the most unhealthy processed pseudo-food imaginable.

The other thing I don’t get is how there can be this complete disregard for life in general, human and other. I think the last couple of months showed that drill, baby, drill  is the biggest bullshit there is. And the audacity of this Republican idiot who apologized to BP — seriously, what the fuck?

Not that the Democrats are any better right now. Come, guys and gals, fucking grow a pair!

That’s all. Just had to get this out of my system.


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