The Devil likes his wine spicy!

Spiced Wine

As you probably know from an earlier post I’ve come across the 12 Bottle Bar a couple of weeks ago and became a fan after, what, seven minutes?

Now, I don’t have 12 bottles, but I have one, Irish Whiskey (I don’t give a fuck how it’s spelled, btw., so back off), so I looked for whiskey-based cocktails. And while I’m not such a huge fan of spiced wine, I wanted to try this version — The Devil’s Skin — because I was curious about the combination of whiskey and spiced wine.

It turned out really well and what I like about it that it’s very mild. You just taste a hint of the spices and they don’t overpower you the way they do in some other spiced wine recipes. And the Shiraz does go well with the whiskey.

So, even if your winters are not as hard as they are here in New England, head over to their site, grab the recipe, and give it a try. (I’m looking at you, Mr. Barbeloh.)


3 thoughts on “The Devil likes his wine spicy!

  1. Glad you tried — and liked — the drink. The whiskey really makes the drink, mellowing whatever tannins the wine and spices bring to the mix. You might also like the Duppy.

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