New York Drivers are even worse than CT drivers.

Considering that we are relatively close to New York, we rarely go there. The thing is, I feel that you need to have a destination (or meet someone) when you make the effort of taking the train down there. It’s a long ride (especially back up here in the evenings, when it stops at every single station between here and the city) and New York is so big that you can easily spent hours just getting from point A to point B when you are there. Not to mention that my terrible sense of directions makes this even more difficult.

However, last weekend we went down to visit an Austrian friend of hours (driving down, no less), W, who’s been living in Brooklyn since the 1990’s. We met at noon and went walking tour across the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights. Some very rich people restored and donated an old carousel and put it in a glass box at the below the bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park and it was bustling with children, of course. But if you looked closely, it became clear that the majority of people on the wooden horses were adults. And, weirdly enough, none of them really seemed to enjoy the ride. Very stern faces. No smiles. Anyway…frankly, I don’t think adults should go on this thing, period. My guess is that they thought it was going to be fun, but after the first go-around sitting on a wooden horse, getting started at by the crowd of other adults and children standing around the carousel, I guess you get very self-conscious and think that this might not have been the greatest idea.

The weather was gorgeous and we concluded our walk at the Waterfront Ale House, which serves absofuckinglutely amazing Bread Pudding. And I had a Goulash as the main course, which was also divine.

Not so divine was the drive back. What the fuck is wrong with drivers in NYC? I thought up here it would be bad, but down there they drive so aggressively and obnoxiously that it gives you an ulcer. Getting into the city in the morning was fine, but getting out was a nightmare. Completely congested freeways, lots of honking and cutting off — when we got out of NYC I was really tired. But once we got out, the rest of the drive was a breeze.

And, let’s face it, the Metro North sucks pretty hard, too.


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