Remembering Dim Sums

Dim Sum

This is really more a private joke, based on a horrible Dim Sum experience in a different city a couple of years ago with a friend, G, involving cultural miscommunication and an insane amount of Chinese food. This friend and I had met in NYC and she had, I think, just discovered Dim Sum and really wanted to go to a place in Chinatown. We ended up in an authentic restaurant and The (not yet) Wife and I didn’t know anything about that, so we let our friend order. She ordered 5 or 6 dishes, assuming they’d be the small portions, much like tapas. The Wife and I ordered something in addition, because we both hadn’t had lunch and figured we’d better make sure we’d have enough.

Now, for some reason those where not small portions. They were full dishes, not nibbles. We worked through some of them, but not only was it a ton of food, but it was also “authentic”. If you’ve ever had “authentic” Chinese food you’ll know that this is very…difficult for the Western palate.

Texture trumps taste.

Additionally, this was the first time The Wife and G met, so the entire situation was a little awkward. There was a lot of boiled pork and unidentified other meats stuffed into dumplings, unsalted soups with thick noodles and whole 1,000-year-old eggs. And bubble teas.

So, anyway, since then eating Dim Sum has become a private joke between G and us that I was reminded of by this window advertisement.

I’ve never had Dim Sum since, but I hear it’s delicious…


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