Update on the beer thing

I added the last packet of hops to the secondary fermenter last weekend. The beer looks and smells like beer and it doesn’t seem to have spoiled, at least as far as I can tell. There are some specks of something floating around on top, but a friend of mine said I’d know whether something went wrong once I start bottling. He added that, if the yeast did it’s job, it’s taking care of any other bacteria that might get in there and you can also tell by the smell.

But even if this didn’t work out, I’ll definitely give it another shot. And it does smell like beer (and it definitely smells like an IPA), so the basics seem to have worked out just fine.


Curious what it will be like.


6 thoughts on “Update on the beer thing

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    • It actually did turn out okay. However, I opened the last bottle of this batch a couple of weeks ago and it tasted horrible. Carbonation was still okay, but it seems like it spoiled after 2 years.

      • If it gets infected while fermenting or going into the bottle , it will never taste good. Beer is susceptible to wild yeast especially in the warmer months. Cleanliness is next to godliness. If it tastes off just chuck it. Beer is not supposed to have an after taste either, I’ve had some I could still taste a day later.

        • The rest of the batch turned out well, but the last few bottles where in a storage unit and traveled across country in who knows what temperatures, so their taste — and especially aftertaste — was NASTY. I’m planning to make some beer again this summer though.

        • Well be really careful and get it covered as soon as you pitch the yeast, and brew it cooler for longer rather than faster warmer……beer yeast is a lot less robust than wine yeast. Also use CORN sugar (dextrose), six ounces to a batch , and mix it in the whole batch rather than sugar each bottle

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