I started reading Games of Thrones last weekend, after barbeloh mentioned it and after having heard good things about it elsewhere, and, man, it’s good. It’s almost as if I’m fifteen years old again! I’ve totally gotten sucked in and while it’s pretty much standard fantasy fare, it’s the good kind. Thousands of characters to keep track of, which is a little annoying, but what the heck.

However, that also means that I didn’t think about writing a blog post at all. And, to be honest, the next two weeks are going to be a killer, so I might or might not have the time (and mental energy) to post. We have a fairly big thing coming up at work in two weeks so this week will be a lot of planning and anxiety. You know how it goes for the Grumpy German. Always nervous.

Hey, but you know what you could do? Buy that fucking book and sit down and read it! Of if you don’t read, go ahead and watch Trollhunter, which is a hidden fucking ★★★★★ gem.


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