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I like my Grindcore catchy, if you please.

Now, it’s only taken, what, 15 years for me to appreciate grindcore. Not all of it, mind you. The early Napalm Death albums are a little too much for me and I don’t have the patience for a 58 second song that is basically a blast beat and screaming. However, Napalm Death & Brutal Truth have really grown on my over the last month or so.

The funny thing is that Napalm Death’s From Enslavement to Obliteration was one of my first albums, and on vinyl at that. Pre-Barney. And listening to Utopia Banished I have a vague feeling that I might have owned that album, as well. I think I’ve been imprinted at an early age…

And boy, Utopia Banished is a mighty great album.

The Wife hates it, as you can imagine. Oh well.



  1. i married a sea bear

    sorry for necro-posting. bruh if you like catchy grind, you gotta check out satans revenge on mankind. infectious as fuck, and there german.

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