Book of Lies

Slowly but surely I’m the last man standing. With Barbeloh leaving for Europe (probably for good), Ariancita moving back and forth and some others moving away it’s getting pretty quiet around here. Over the last 6 months a lot of friends moved away, and, actually, the countdown starts for The Grumpy German as well.

When Barbeloh sorted and packed his books for shipping I inherited Richard Metzger’s Book of Lies, which I am really happy about. I’ve been coveting this book almost since it came out, but couldn’t make up my mind to actually go out and get it. Very happy camper now, me.

I’ve been really slacking off on the magick front. I guess these things come and go in phases and I have such a backlog of things I want to read, esoterica and otherwise, that it will take me a long time to get through that pile. Especially because the former is not exactly light reading and the thought of sitting down after an 8h workday and plow through Crowley or Carroll is not the first thing that crosses my mind. However, winter is around the corner and with the more bearable temperatures I’ll have more time (and deactivating my Facebook account really opened up some time, believe me) and patience to tackle some of that material again.


2 thoughts on “Book of Lies

  1. Magick should never be neglected… but then I’m talking about the practice of it, not the reading. All the faerie elves eventually leave [redacted]. It’s because the green was built over a graveyard. It’s darksided! 🙂

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