Beer is brewed — finally.

So I finally made the beer yesterday and I’m happy to report that the yeast is alive and healthy. Very healthy, as a matter of fact — it’s bubbling like crazy! I guess that is normal…

…anyway, it was much more straightforward than I thought it would be and actually fun. I was worried that the yeast wasn’t alive anymore, because I had bought the kit almost a year ago and had stored it in the attic until a friend of mine strongly suggested to keep the yeast in the fridge. What probably saved it is that it was dry and not liquid yeast, but who knows.

And the way my mind works that got me thinking and doing a Google Search that probably put me on a watch list yielded this article in The Stranger:

Drunk of the Week Extra: Original Pussy Beer — the Mother of all Beers.

It’s in Seattle, so I might get a chance to try it…?

Oh, and in case you are interested, I made a Chinook IPA.


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