Let’s write letters!

I have a box of letters from the 1990s. That was before I had email, so I—like everyone else— wrote letters. And coinciding with my increasing tiredness of “social media” I thought about writing letters again.

Here’s why:

  1. I know that I put much more time & effort into writing a letter than into writing an email. They are more personal.
  2. A letter is an actual physical object. I like that. Nobody goes back and re-reads old emails, Tweets, or posts on Facebook.
  3. Receiving a letter is nice, because somebody else made the effort to sit down and write you one.
  4. They are actually private. They are not stored on any servers, there is no way to monetize what you say in them, and there are no content-ownership issues.

So, I don’t know, maybe you guys have never stopped writing letters, but I sure know I have not gotten a personal letter in a long time.

(Thanks the The Roc for the image!)


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