Social Media Shmocial Shmedia

I’ve grown very very tired of what’s called social media. It’s not really that there was one particular incident or moment that made me realize that, it’s more one thing after another thing after another one. And at some point all it needs is a hair to break the camel’s back. Not there yet, but soon.

The Google Plus situation brought it all up again (If you don’t know what I mean, WIRED’s Epicenter has a good overview over the issue so far and I also added my two cents last week) and Facebook is becoming more of a chore than a pleasure, with all these different people wanting to be my ‘friend’ and my lists being a mish-mash of work contacts, friends, and people I don’t really know.

Now, regardless what the issues with Google Plus are right now, so far I like it better than Facebook or Twitter or any other public-by-default-service out there. And does anyone actually use LinkedIn for anything? At all? Oh, especially after that thing? (Apparently there are some updates on this and LinkedIn responded and ‘fixed’ the issue, but — mind you — only after they got caught.) However, I noticed that I’m using G+ much more like a forum than Facebook, which got me thinking about blogging in the first place.

Right now I think we should all go back to blogging under our pseudonyms – or real names, whatever suits you – and keep updated with each other that way, using RSS or email subscriptions and comments. Because it is as interactive and social as ‘social media’, remember?


One thought on “Social Media Shmocial Shmedia

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