Only the Habaneros shall survive…

It’s probably time for a garden update. Not to keep you at the edge of your seats for too long: it’s not going too well. The squash was decimated by the Squash Vine Borer and had to be removed, which was a very unpleasant process. There is some kind of fungus and/or disease gnawing on the tomatoes and beans (who look very scrawny anyway) and something odd is happening to the jalapeno peppers. And don’t as my what’s going on with the bell peppers – that plant basically just sits there without doing anything, really.

The Habanero peppers, however, are going strong! The reason for that is probably that they are so fucking hot that one tiny piece of them (not even the seeds!) will burn your mouth, lips, and everything else you touch with your fingers for about 1h afterwards. Yes, I mean everything else. So all the bugs and other animals just leave it alone, I guess.

The overall yield so far:

  1. ≈ 25 string beans (that The Wife and I mostly at right there in the garden)
  2. 5 tomatoes
  3. some bunches of arugula
  4. 4 jalapeño peppers
  5. 1½ pathetic and not very yummy-looking eggplants
  6. tons of habanero peppers

Not exactly subsistence gardening going on here, except if I’d throw the chili peppers at looters.

Maybe I’ll pickle the Habaneros. Or make chili oil out of them.


One thought on “Only the Habaneros shall survive…

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