Podcast Roundup *UPDATED*

Frankly, I have no idea how people can keep up with more than three Podcasts. I walk to work, which is where when (damn foreign language!) I usually listen to my shows, and depending how fast I walk, I can make it through one 1h show a day.


And my backlog is getting bigger and bigger! However, these are good shows, so I thought I’d share my newest playlist, so you can already prepare for those walks, train rides, flights, and so on.

Here goes:

  1. WTF with Marc Maron. Great show with great guests and it’s so popular now that you’ve probably heard of it already. I’ve been listening to Marc almost since he started out doing the podcast and it has been consistently great.
  2. Back to Work. Talk-show with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin about work, productivity, procrastination, and glutens. I like Merlin Mann a lot, so I do enjoy this show, but some episodes are more meandering than others, so it’s something of a weekly hit-or-miss thing. The same goes for the ‘After Dark’ companion episodes.
  3. Latest in Paleo. I have just started listening to the show and while I don’t follow the Paleo Diet at all the health-related news in the show a great and it’s fun to listen to. Great hippie shit!
  4. Wiretap with Jonathan Goldstein. I have a huge backlog of this show and just haven’t found the time to listen to it! Roughly 20min long comedy show. Give it a whirl.
  5. You Look Nice Today. Comedy Nerd Podcast. Great stuff, but there hasn’t been a new show out since March 2011, so I guess it’s that’s that. Well worth downloading the available episodes though.
  6. UPDATE: I started to listen to Kevin Allison’s RISK! podcast. It’s like the moth, just for grown-ups. Highly entertaining, made The Wife laugh.

Anyway, This American Life is a good show, too, but it’s really gotten on my nerves and I always have to think of the Simpson’s bit about it:

RadioLab is a good show, too, but I haven’t listened to it in a long time, partly because it’s also so over-edited that it’s getting on my nerves, as well.


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