There is no graceful way to enter or exit a tent

Things I learned while being camping for the first time in my life:

  1. There is no graceful way to enter or exit a tent.
  2. Cooking food takes at least twice as long as in civilization. Not the least because it takes at least 25 minutes to get a fire going and get it hot enough.
  3. Birds are fucking loud. And they get up fucking early.
  4. Sleep is very deep (I actually enjoyed sleeping in a tent quite a bit), but is only 50% as restful as it is in a real bed.
  5. You have to stand in a line to wash dishes.
  6. You need to bring a surprising amount of stuff with you.
  7. If you time your dinner wrong, you’ll eat in the dark. Especially if you forget to bring a lantern or some such thing.

Seriously though, while I tested the patience of The Wife on the first day by being disproportionately stressed out (Love you, honey!), I did actually enjoy the entire camping thing. We might go again this summer. And I didn’t get a chance to squeeze a hike in, so we might go up to the same site again, because the area around the Mohawk Trails National Park is really breathtakingly beautiful.

It has lots of pine trees.

I like pine trees.

Anyway, after finally drinking our morning coffee after 1 hour of starting the fire and staring at the coffee pot, even the bugs are not that annoying anymore.

Bug spray helps though.


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