These boots are made for walking my fat off.

I’ve been in the USA for about three, no, four years now and it shows.

I gained weight.

Not a lot, mind you, but enough that it’s noticeable. One pant size. 33 to 34. Now, in this land of one-size-fits all, that’s a plus, because it’s really hard to find a size 33, but very easy to find a 34. However, it’s really pissing me off. Every German I know who moved here, even for only a year, has had the same problem, so I guess this is not related to yours truly being lazy not getting enough exercise. The point is that the way I lived at home is simply not transferable to this place.

I live in a city that — despite its medium size — made the recent FBI list of dangerous cities. There are some areas you can walk without problems, but there are a lot of other areas where you can’t.

Now, in Germany, I was essentially able to walk everywhere, at any time of the day or night. That’s not the case here. And I had three supermarkets, two organic grocery stores, more Turkish grocers than I can remember the number of, and an Italian Deli. All of these within walking distance. Here I have a bunch of heavily overpriced “Gourmet” grocery stores in walking distance and for everything else I need to get in the car.

That ain’t right.

Another reason is that I just sit a lot more at my current job than I ever did. I really don’t like that. It’s not that I was moving around more in Germany, but there was just more walking involved to get things done.

Anyway, enough excuses: more exercise it is after that wake-up call. I started going on violent walks along the trails here in the area, even though it’s a little creepy sometimes. Mostly because of the surprisingly high number of lonely older men walking around with a purpose.

And I think there might be a cruising area up there, which is kinda weird, too. Maybe those two points are related.

But it’s a good walk and there are a number of trails and I even saw a doe with a fawn a couple of weeks ago, which was pretty neat.

And since I learned what Poison Ivy looks like it seems like I see it everywhere.


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