‘Gardening when it counts’

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What really surprised me about putting seeds into the ground and waiting for food to come out was that, once you start doing this, Nature is all like “Oh…okay. You want to throw it down? Well, have a fistful of THIS!” Seedlings get bitten off by who knows who (probably squirrels), millions of buried tree seeds that happened to be in the bed I got and all decided to sprout at the same time after a particularly heavy rain, insects are gnawing on the leaves, etc. — the list could go on.

I also think I pulled all my radish sprouts out thinking they were weeds.

However, I remember reading somewhere that gardening teaches you patience and, boy, it does. It’s also relaxing. Surprisingly so, actually. Part of me doesn’t really care about the food so much and just wants to see things grow! I get a kick out of knowing that I put seeds in the ground and now they are real plants. That’s kinda neat.

So I’ve gotten this book, Gardening when it counts by Steve Solomon two, no three years ago. I didn’t have a garden back then, I didn’t have anything, so reading the first one or two chapters about how to till an acre and how important using bone or blood meal is to fertilize the soil — that wasn’t really what I needed. However, now, having something of a garden I decided to pull it off the shelf again and skip the farming chapters and look at the stuff about seeds, planting, watering, etc., and you know what? It’s a fantastic book. While the scale of gardening he talks about is closer to subsistence farming you can still get a lot out of it if you just have a regular raised bed. Get it, it’s good!


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