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Phallus Dei + Bohren & Der Club of Gore = #winning

Wow, that was some major internet geekery! Be that as it may, two of my favorite German outfits Phallus Dei and Bohren & Der Club of Gore collaborated and the latter remixed one of the greatest songs from the former’s latest album A Day in the Life of Brian Wilson. When I learned that I was happy as a clam. Still am.

The song comes from a remix album that also features Der Blutharsch and Birdmachine and there are actually two remix releases, one EP and one full-length album. Both are available to stream and pay-what-you-want digital download. The albums are something of a mixed bag, but I love the B&CoG version of the song. The original version, however, I like best.

[Let’s face it though, the last Bohren release was quite a stinker…]


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