Mormon Mommy Blogs

What the fuck? Last January I read this article on Salon called ‘Why I can’t stop reading Mormon housewife blogs‘  — why indeed? And why do I, of all people, read them, too??? Actually, only one. The article links to a bunch, but the one I’m particularly taken with is Underaged and Engaged.

Like it says in the article,

Of course, the larger question is, are these women’s lives really as sweet and simple as they appear? Blogs have always been a way to mediate and prettify your own life; you’d be a fool to compare your real self to someone else’s carefully arranged surface self. And Mormons are particularly famous for their “put on a happy face” attitude. The church teaches that the Gospel is the only authentic path to true happiness. So if you’re a faithful follower, you better be happy, right?

And that is what strikes me about the U&A mommy — she is a little too cheerful. A little too happy. And, maybe I’m projecting things here, but I feel that, between the lines, a lot of her comments regarding her daughter are actually not really nice. And especially her mother-in-law shooting her down when she said that her daughter looked just like her when she was little by showing her a bunch of her son’s baby pictures — Pw0ned!

Now, if you excuse me, I gotta check what they are did last weekend.


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