Old Timey Villages and Hiking

As planned, The Wife and myself went on a hiking trip! Well, a hiking trip combined with a trip to Massachusetts  to attend a wedding and a spontaneous stop at an old timey colonial re-enactment village called Old Sturbridge Village. It’s one of those places where men and women wear silly outfits in the blazing sun and say “Good Day!” cheerfully every time you walk by. However, it is actually kind of fun. And if you go early you’ll avoid the hordes of stressed-out parents yelling at crying children. Check the ‘town center’ first, because that’s where all the fancy houses are (and it’s also the shortest walk from the entrance) and then head out to the farm. Sadly, this being America, a good portion of the visitors won’t bother to walk that extra 500 feet up there, so it’s quite relaxed and nice. One thing I took home with me was that they used birch branches and twigs for climbing peas, creating what’s (apparently) called a ‘pea bush’. It looks pretty neat. I also picked up a tick in the village that continued to nurse on my leg for the entire afternoon, until it fell off at Wadsworth Falls State Park, where we wanted to go hiking. (Word of advice: Don’t google for images of tick bites.)

Now, the walk there is very neat and don’t get discouraged by the hordes of Hispanic and Russian weekend-vacationers with their super-soakers and BBQs at either end of the trail — they won’t be on the trail.

Trust me.

Anyway, it’s a decent 3.something miles long hike and I thought the Little Falls were much cooler than the Big Falls. But I guess that’s just me. And bring mosquito repellent. There are some swampy bits where you’ll get eaten alive.


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