Swollen batteries fuck up your Mac.

That’s a true fact.

For about a year or so I’ve noticed that the mouse button on my Macbook got ‘stuck’, making the cursor jump around, marking text, deleting text, etc., and making working on it a real pain in the butt. What happened is that the battery becomes bloated and puts pressure on the button from below, causing it to be ‘always on’. I removed the battery, which was, by the way, visible swollen, which is a little creepy, and BANG — the button worked just fine and even made the ‘click’ sound again.

I know this is a somewhat unusual post, because I am really not a tech-person and don’t have a lot to say about this stuff, but I thought I’d share this, because

  1. who would think that a battery getting too excited interferes with your trackpad,
  2. it’s freakish to look at a bulging battery,
  3. and it kept me from looking for a new computer because, frankly, I thought mine was seriously fucked up.

So, if you ever encounter this problem, check your battery.

You’re welcome.

And now, go look at a kitten.


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