Post-Rapture Assessment & Cardinals are much cooler than sparrows.

So, it’s the first post-rapture week and as far as I can tell things stayed pretty much the same for the damned like they were before last Saturday, 6pm. You know, I would’ve really like that new car, new computer, and all the other orphaned items that I expected to be left by the saved souls. Oh well, tough luck, eh? Man, I didn’t even make fun of the rapture, because I so don’t give a fuck it is, quite literally, not even funny.

For some reason, the week leading up to Saturday has been weirdly busy, so I’ve fallen off the wagon for the first time and did not post anything last week. Bad, bad Grumpy German. So what happened? Work has been okay, some late days, but overall okay. Lots of social engagement and lots of beer, so I’m feeling like a big fat bug right now and should subsist on a diet of salad and yogurt this week. And no beer. Although I have the feeling like that’s not gonna happen.

Really, thinking about it, the last couple of weeks have had something of a being-on-autopilot quality to them: no special cooking events, taking one day at a time… BUT: I got a plot in a community garden just a block from where I live and I’ve put a ton of stuff in there already, hoping that at least ¾ of the seeds will sprout and feed me and The Wife. We also put a bird feeder up and so far it’s been beleaguered by a band of sparrows that keep all to cool birds, like cardinals, away. And they poop all over the place, too, which displeases me. I don’t want the common sparrow eating my food. I want cardinals and finches. So as soon as we are done with this sack of feed, we’ll switch to something else that the sparrows won’t eat. Like sunflower seeds or thistle seeds.

Oh, and here’s a little teaser for the summer: The Wife and I are going camping with friends sometime in July. We don’t own any camping gear and I have never been camping. Ever. It’s going to be spectacular. And it’s in bear country, too!


8 thoughts on “Post-Rapture Assessment & Cardinals are much cooler than sparrows.

  1. Oh dear, you do like setting yourself up for punishment don’t you? A camping trip in the North East in July? I can’t wait to read all about it. 😀 Also, no looting in the have; nobody from new have ascended during the rapture. You should have made a trip to Texas.

    • Oh, and apparently there are a TON of bears at that site. A friend told me that they had 12 bear visits to their camp in 8 days. Apparently you can chase them away by throwing stones at them.

        • Well, my first thought was grizzly bears (also known as Ursus arctos horribilis), but turns out they are mostly black bears. The ones who climb after you instead of knocking the tree down. Funny little factoid, that.

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