Hammerzeit — Schöne deutsche Worte

Alright, I made it out of my bad mood period, which lasted, what, two plus weeks. Man, that shit sneaks up on you sometimes. Anyway, the weather is starting to look nice and The Wife and I are going to spent the long Easter weekend with family, looking at dogs and pigs and cows. And maybe burning some brush.

Now I’ve lived in the US for a couple of years now and while The Wife speaks German and we’ve had a parade of German housemates passing through over the last year, I noticed that German as a language has become nostalgic. I keep remembering words, especially when talking with my Austrian friend, that I have not uttered in years and now think are simply awesome. So I started a list:

  • Eigentumswohnung
  • Kalkleiste
  • the mandatory course ‘Werken‘ in school (well, it was mandatory in my school at least. as was ‘textiles Gestalten‘)
  • herumkaspern
  • Stechmücke
  • Schnapsdrossel / Schluckspecht

This list is by far not finished and I’ll just add to it as I go along.

Sometimes I really do miss Germany…


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