Proust Questionnaire: The Grumpy German

I remember when I was maybe eight or ten years old I liked to “read” what was either the FAZ or ZEIT Sunday Magazine every weekend, mostly because of the pictures. There was one page in the magazine where they had this questionnaire,where they asked authors, artists, politicians, etc. to answer a list of questions and even though I had no idea who these people were I loved reading the answers. Both magazines are now defunct or got folded into some other weekend feature, but a couple of weeks ago I read Needles & Sins‘ blog post about them doing a modified version of the questionnaire with tattoo artists and I thought “Wait a minute…I know those questions!” and then it all came back.

The questionnaire is called a ‘Proust Questionnaire‘ because of the answers he gave, but apparently in the days before the internet and television sending each other questionnaires was the thing to do to pass the time. What do I know.

Anyway, below are my answers and I also sent needy emails to a couple of friends of mine asking them to answer them to. If they do, I’ll post them here.

Your favourite virtue. — Integrity.

Your favourite qualities in a man. — Humor.

Your favourite qualities in a woman. — Humor.

Your favourite occupation. — Cooking.

Your chief characteristic. — According to other people I’m a pretty good complainer.

Your idea of happiness. — A Bauernfrühstück (fried potatoes & eggs sunny-side up & ham).

Your idea of misery. — To lose hope.

Your favourite colour and flower. — The color is green, but flowers are always changing…

If not yourself, who would you be?  — No one.

Where would you like to live? — Pacific Northwest.

Your favourite prose authors. Raymond Carver.

Your favourite poets. n/a

Your favourite painters and composers. — No painters. Composer would be Shostakowich?

Your favourite heroes in real life. — None.

Your favourite heroines in real life. — None.

Your favourite heroes in fiction. — None.

Your favourite heroines in fiction. — None.

Your favourite food and drink. — Food is ever-changing, but a good pulled-pork burrito can be heaven on earth. Coffee.

Your favourite names.Christopher

Your pet aversion. — Oh, there are so many, it’s a zoo!

What characters in history do you most dislike.Eichmann, because he was what he was.

What is your present state of mind. — Pretty much oscillating between anxious & content.

For what fault have you most toleration? — I think they bother me all the same.

Your favourite motto — Buy the ticket, take the ride (Hunter S. Thompson)


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