Food Writing and eggs cooked in urine.

I’m weirdly in love with food writing. I even kinda read cookbooks. And while there are a ton of food blogs around, there is only one I read and which, in my opinion, towers above all others: Geoff Nicholson‘s Psycho Gourmet. I love the way he writes, I love the topics, the entire package. To wit, from his latest post:

And then later in the day somebody sent me a news item about the Chinese boiling eggs boiled in children’s urine.  […] This, I take it, is some new spin on the myth (or maybe it isn’t a myth) that Chinese Century eggs are boiled in horse urine.  The story came from Metro a free tabloid given out in tube stations to London commuters, so not an entirely unimpeachable source of information, but I assume they just got it from a genuine news service.

According to the article, traditional chefs in Dongyang, Zhejiang province, eastern China, have been doing boiling egg’s in children’s urine for thousands of years but we only hear of it now because there’s a big “export push.” A chef name of Lu Ming is quoted as saying: “The urine is gathered from local schools and the very best comes from boys under 10 years old. They pee in buckets and we collect it fresh every day.”  The Internet offers many supporting images.

And, just so you know: this German has eaten horse meat. By choice. On a pizza. And he did that here. [←this will make sense if you read Goeff’s post]


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