2011 Academy Awards Stuff

I think I’ve never ever watched the awards. No idea why. In Germany the time difference made it a pain in the ass and, quite frankly, I’m just not interested. I listened to podcast talking about the nominees though and the documentaries — and a lot of the films in general — sounded really interesting. So I’m definitely going to check out the documentaries:

Apparently The Fighter is also awesome and Winter’s Bone is a hidden gem. I can’t wait until they are available on Netflix. I’ve really been a bum about going to the movies, but it seems to be just so expensive now. I used to go a lot when I was a teenager and in my twenties, when still in Germany.

The last time I saw a movie in a theater was last Christmas, when The Wife and the family and I went to see True Grit, which is a good movie.

Not so much fun to watch when you’re sitting in the very first row, but still fun.

So with the awards — and with celebrity gossip in general — I don’t even know the people involved anymore. Who the fuck are the Teen Moms? And whatever happened to Paris Hilton? Is she still in jail? Or dead? And has anyone figured out what the Kardashians actually do? Like, for work?

Fuck it, I’m getting another beer.


4 thoughts on “2011 Academy Awards Stuff

  1. hahahaha

    1) Winter’s Bone was available on netflix; at least it was a month ago.
    2) I saw Exit Through The Gift Shop and thought it was quality.
    3) Don’t even bother asking questions about the celebrity news. It’s all gone to hell.

    • Great! Just moved it to the top of my queue! I also heard that “Exit…” was really good, I have no idea what it’s about though — don’t tell!

  2. The Oscars are pure spectacle and best watched irreverently, preferably under the influence, flipping in and out. Nothing ever “happens” there, but sometimes some very strange and uncomfortable moments unfold.

    Like Kirk Douglas’ presentation of best female lead, which was about 10 minutes into the show – I barely watched the rest. He stole the entire show:

    Also, sometimes you just get to look at really beautiful people. (Anne Hathaway’s beauty is kind of plain, but she is so incredibly good at it it’s just silly. I could look at her all day!)

    Last fall I asked a friend wtf was up with the Kardashians. Their father was the chief of O.J.’s defense team. That is the only reason they are famous, but in the age of reality tv that is enough to build on (I don’t think the minidresses they wear hurt).

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