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The threat is real!

Can you believe that up until a few months ago I had no idea who Louis CK was? And after I’d heard the name a couple of times I thought he was a black dude. Just as I thought Richard Pryor was white until I watched a special last fall. I know, I know.

Anyway, David Icke and the lizard people from Draco are something of an old chestnut, but it never fails to amuse me. Especially because, believe it or not, according to the 6 degrees of separation I am one person removed from David Icke.

That’s a true and little known fact.

I don’t even remember how I came across him, it must’ve been in some kind of conspiracy book or article. However, every story on David Icke refers to the scene below, when he ‘came out’ on a talk show in 1991. The tricky thing with this stuff is that, on some level, it does make sense while at the same time being completely outrageous. I think it’s in Jon Ronson’sbook THEM. Adventures with Extremists where Jon answers somebody who says Icke’s lizard people are code for Jews that, “No, I think he really talks about lizards.” But that’s exactly the thing, this narrative is so dense with meaning that you can read anything into it. It’s a blurred signifier.

And Salon dug up this Jon Ronson documentaryon Icke on YouTube. Also well worth watching, if you have a minute or fifty.



  1. If you’re familiar with Icke, you probably also know of Michael Tsarion and Graham Hancock? Of the three, Hancock is the most sane-sounding of the three (only postulates a progenitor civilisation, not making any claims about reptoids as far as I know), but they’re all pretty damn thought-provoking.

      • DGS

        He he, true. I have to check those other two guys out. I guess these are all different ways of making sense of ‘reality’ and as long as they are consistent and internally logical they are in some ways difficult to contradict, right?

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