Ladies and Gentlemen, The Internet

You know, I think I’ll pass.

The Internet is odd. You can check your email, read the news, etc., but there is also this fascinatingnastyweirdwonderfulhilariousinspiring underbelly (click at your own risk — come on: live a little!). Sometimes I really ask myself what we did before the internet came around. I definitely read more books. Which was maybe a good thing.

I’ve gotten way better about managing my internet-intake, but when I first discovered it I was really blown away. There was just so much stuff! And so much weird stuff! Who knew there was something like nasal flossing? I know I didn’t.

However, after a while you notice that 85% of the internet is a sweaty guy dressed up like a fictional character and a passive-aggressive fat dude with a pointy hat. And they are probably watching porn.

Right now.


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