I started a Tumblr for ‘modern primitive’ / tattoo / pagan -related stuff (photos, mostly).

And you can submit stuff, too!

Or just look at pretty pictures.

That’s all.

Well, almost. I have no idea where the photo above is from, but this is Yvonne, who did my backpiece in Berlin years and years ago. Back then I was really happy with it, but now, more than ten years later, I think I probably should have waited a little. I don’t know, it’s a relict of its time, I guess, and it’s not a horrible tattoo. However, if I would get a backpiece again I would get much more solid, abstract blackwork than what I have back there now.

Let’s just that there is a lot of ‘cover-up potential’ back there and not because of the tattoo itself, but because I’m in a different place than I was back then…

And I know I still owe you guys a photo of my finished sleeve.

I didn’t forget.

I’m just lazy.


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