Telling stories

About two years ago I started to listen to podcasts and while it takes a while to find one that is actually worth listening to some of what’s out there is amazing. I also think that listening to them helped me with finding my way around writing and speaking in a language that is not my own. For example, there is a great interview with Mike DeStefano on Marc Maron‘s WTF Podcast (big fave of mine). DeStefano is a great story-teller and comedian and the story that he told at The Moth is really great. He tells a version of it on WTF and I choked up a little when I listened to it on the train.

Telling stories in this way is really something that I have not seen in Germany at all, which is funny. The only stories I knew about and that were read to me were fairy or folk tales, but I’ve never seen them performed.


Okay, I can’t actually believe that this does not exist in Germany…one sec…here we go,¬† From the looks of the site and the links this is mostly traditional story-telling, focussing especially on children. Well, I doubt you’d hear something like the piece above there, eh?


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