Guilty Pleasures

I don’t really read ‘personal blogs’ (and by that I mean blogs that post personal stuff, no links, etc. — essentially blogs that are not topical), except if I know the person who’s writing it (exceptions are Susannah Breslin, Shannon Larratt, and Penelope Trunk, and Merlin Mann). Otherwise, why care, I have enough shit in my own life and following the lives of complete strangers is, I don’t know, weird somehow. However, reading this story on Salon about a feminist being obsessed with reading Mormon mom bloggers made me curious so I checked them out. Man, I found them aggravating in their presentation of a ‘perfect’ motherhood and getting all dizzy on a ‘sugar high’, I can understand why one could get obsessed with reading them. They are so tacky and phoney. Ah, see, there I start again — I can’t help it, I just have a very ‘special’ place for Mormons in…well, let’s not get into that.

However, it got me thinking about my guilty pleasures. I’m not a feminist reading Mormon Mom Blogs, and actually, I noticed that I really don’t have that many guilty pleasures. Anyway, so after some soul-searching, here goes:

  • Gossip. Now, I’m really not proficient in this, largely because since Paris Hilton went off the radar I have no fucking idea who all these people are. Yet I still check The Superficial from time to time to see if there’s someone I recognize. I also like looking at People Magazine when I’m in the waiting room at a doctor’s office, which, granted, does not happen that much.
  • Crime Novels. Also called ‘mystery novels’, but I think that sounds kind of lame and, I don’t know, cat-lady-ish. Right now I really dig James Lee Burke‘s stories, by the way.
  • Katjes Katzenpfötchen — I could bathe in these.
  • Dolce de Leche. To die for.  I actually have no idea how you are actually supposed to eat this except right out of the glass.
  • Sorting mail. I know. I can’t explain it either.
  • watching The Learning Channel. Now, it should actually be called The Freak Show Channel. If you watch that channel to much you are surprised that you are not running into little people all the time. Oh, I will never forget shows like The World’s Tiniest Mom or The Woman with the Tree-Trunk Legs.  I have a soft spot for trash TV like that — Bad Girls Club, Rock of Love, shit, I love that stuff. It’s good I don’t own a TV.
  • Not really a guilty pleasure anymore, but I thought I’d throw this in for good measure — while I was unemployed/volunteering/writing my thesis I really followed this entire productivity racket (I’m looking at you,, which essentially tells you that with this software or this productivity system or that book you will FINALLY get things done. Now, actually, you only get things done by doing them, so reading about how to be more productive has something uniquely perverse about it. I kind of got over that once I got a real job.

That’s really it, I think. [I will probably think of five more things a week after I published this.]


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