I miss MTV (and also the 1980s, if just a little bit)

According to the science nerds I’m still part of the Generation X, which means I became sentient sometime in the 1980s. In Europe the only thing we had in terms of music television was MTV UK and then, in the late 19080s and 1990s, Alternative Nation and Headbanger’s Ball came around (remember the Triple Trash Treat?). The latter was hosted by Vanessa Warwick and the former by some other dude whose name I always forget.

Anyway, my parents watched a lot of MTV back then and now, thinking back, there were a couple of music videos had quite an impact on me, mostly because they were so weird, but also because I just didn’t really get them. I was, what, 6 or 7 years old, didn’t speak English, and was completely oblivious of the sexual innuendo in a lot of these videos and songs.

They don’t really make them like that anymore. Oh, wait, MTV doesn’t play any music videos anymore, either!

Anyway, some childhood traumas waiting below.

I loved this video by Peter Gabriel. I liked the effects and the dancing chickens. The fact that the song is completely about fucking escaped me. I guess the wiggling sperm wallpaper should’ve tipped me off.

Again, like the song and the puppets. I think they are the ones that were used in the UK’s Spitting Image series, which had an equivalent in Germany for a while called Hurra Deutschland.

I remembered the video to this song being very cool, but now I see it’s just weird art-school stuff.

So many questions about this one: Why does he let her in? Why is she taking her clothes of? What does the music do to her? Why are the plates falling off the wall?

I only knew this song from the radio, but I really dug it. Still do.

I could never figure out why her hair looked like that. I guess it’s supposed to look singed. And Tom Cruise was kinda big during that time.

BONUS: This show really screwed my up (in a good way!) and now as an adult I can’t believe my parents let me watch Max Headroom. I loved this show, too bad it got cancelled after one season. (I can’t post the playlist for some reason, but if you want to watch the entire episode, head over to the youtube.


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