I’ve been a bum about taking photos and should be punished.

Woods, Seattle, 2010


I love taking photos and for a while I’ve been really good about bringing my camera, taking photos, and upload them. Then work got in the way and a year went by like that.

So during my last days in Seattle I tried really hard to bring my camera with me and TAKE SOME FUCKING PICTURES! I talked to a friend about it and she told me that she’s been using picnic to edit her photos, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Not sure yet what to think about it, the temptation to over-process your photos is pretty high and I also feel that the photos are never really sharp in picnic’s UI. On the other hand, they do look kinda cool.

Anyway, I did manage to take a whole bunch of photos and will upload them to flickr over the next couple of weeks, while also trying to keep up with my New Year’s resolution, which I already fucked up after two days. But who cares, as long as I can get my shit together and take photos, eh?


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