Joe Coleman’s Auto-Portrait

Last Friday I did something I’ve never done before — I took the train to NYC just to look at one particular thing, a painting, and then I took the train back. I spent more time on the fucking train than in the city, but I don’t give a fuck, because I went down there to look at Joe Coleman’s latest work, his auto-portrait, which is now on display in the Dickinson Gallery (19 East 66th Street).

It’s very, very good. I spent almost one hour looking at it, reading all the little texts and comments. It is also by far the most positive painting I’ve ever seen by Coleman and, I feel at least, that there is a lot of positive energy coming out of it, despite the sometimes dark subject matter.

It’s only up until Dec 22, 2010, so if you are in or near New York, you should check it out.


One thought on “Joe Coleman’s Auto-Portrait

  1. sweeeeeeeeeet! Love it!
    Definitely worth the trip.
    I should get a book of his stuff. (Of course I know him first and foremost from the Apocalypse Culture cover…)

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