Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen…

Fiedrich Haarmann

Image via Wikipedia

„Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen,
bald kommt Haarmann auch zu dir,
mit dem kleinen Hackebeilchen,
macht er Schabefleisch aus dir.
Aus den Augen macht er Sülze,
aus dem Hintern macht er Speck,
aus den Därmen macht er Würste
und den Rest, den schmeißt er weg.

In Hannover an der Leine,
Rote Reihe Nummer 8,
wohnt der Massenmörder Haarmann,
der schon manchen umgebracht.
Haarmann hat auch ein’ Gehilfen,
Grans hieß dieser junge Mann.
Dieser lockte mit Behagen
alle kleinen Jungen an.“

It’s funny how you remember things from when you were little. I remember my father singing part of this song — the first three lines — and I always thought that was at the same time creepy and exciting. I guess five-year-old like to be scared, as long as it’s mock-scared. However, as far as I remember, I knew who Haarmann was and what he did, but I can’t remember how I knew. There was no internet and I doubt I went to the library and got a specific book, although I must have read it somewhere.

Anyway, if you read the wiki-entries the differences between the German and English ones are interesting, so if you happen to speak the Deutsch, you’re in for a treat, because a lot of the reference material is German. And the English version doesn’t have the part on “interrogation methods”, to wit:

In the police interviews of Haarmann methods were used that, by today’s standards, would count as torture. In order to obtain a confession, Haarmann was chained in a prepared detention cell. The police officers placed a skull on a board in every corner of the cell. The eye sockets of the skulls were covered with red paper and then illuminated from behind. Outside the reach of the chain a bag with bones of the corpses was placed. The officers told Haarmann that the souls of the dead would come get him now if he would not confess. This fact had been unknown until 1961, when the investigator responsible for the investigation wrote and published his memoirs. He also reported that Haarmann had been beaten by other detectives during the interrogation.

We Germans even made a movie based on the transcripts of the interrogation! I don’t know if you can get it here, but it’s well worth the effort. It’s good!


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