Blast from the Past *UPDATED*

A couple of days ago I was sitting at home, not doing much except trying to fidget my feet under the space-heater so that they don’t freeze off, when I remembered getting a VHS from the library called Cinema of Transgression. That must have been sometime in the early 2000s (remember, the 1990s were a dry-spell for me when it comes to actually getting my hands on anything remotely interesting except the metalz). So I tried the Google and what is this? The fantastic Ubuweb, which I visit far too seldom (because it’s a time dump of almost epic proportions!), posted the clips that were on that video! Now, I remember those videos not being *that* transgressive and the only one that really made an impression on me was Richard Kern’s movie. Most of them are just odd and definitely NSFW.

Joe Coleman at work in the Odditorium, Brookly...

Image via Wikipedia

I’ve never really been into proper art that much. I mean, I do go to museums and look at art, but I don’t remember ever sitting in front of a painting being struck by awe. However, I do like outsider art and the stuff at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC. The last exhibition I went to intentionally was a Joe Coleman retrospective in Berlin, which was fucking awesome. And, gee, here’s my old post from back then!

I’d love to have one of his books and am also ogling Art That Kills: A Panoramic Portrait of Aesthetic Terrorism 1984-2001 by George Petros, even though it’s forbiddingly expensive, so that might have to wait a while. Years ago I got a Best-of of EXIT, a magazine Petros edited, which I liked.

Ahem, so…well, this posted started to go nowhere really and my feet are still cold, so I guess it’s time for — some Sonic Youth & Lydia Lunch!

UPDATE: So after posting this entry this guy — Joe Tripician — contacted me via my nifty contact option and sent me a link to the trailer of a movie he directed called The Gun is Loaded. It’s Lydia Lunch, so here goes:

Looks pretty good if you ask me.


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