Beware of the Crazies

Long article on Mother Jones on the Oat Keepers, a fast growing ‘patriot’ organization founded by a Yalie. This is some scary stuff and reading this makes me think that the U ESS AY is going down a dangerous path.


In the same vein, a New Yorker article on Glenn Beck & cohorts, via borbor_chan. Glenn Beck seems to be the big thing at the moment, with the NYT dedicating one of their monster Sunday magazine articles on him a little earlier:


And then, of course, there is the still to be debunked rumor that Obama is actually a cactus:,18127/


To be honest, I’ve really gotten sick of reading the news, with the Republicans being the hypocritical douchebags that they are one the one side, the spine-, ball-, and toothless Democrats on the other, and this party of lunatic tea-baggers crawling up across  the lunatic fringe towards the center…

Just sayin’.


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