Scorpio Rises! Leather! Bikes! Mustard!

Scorpio Rising (film)

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Pretty neat evening a couple of days ago with barbeloh and The Wife, watching and (partly re-watching) some Kenneth Anger: Lucifer Rising, Scorpio Rising, and The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. A pretty mixed bag. I have watched Lucifer Rising before, years and years ago, and it’s still weird. Very dense with symbolism. Inauguration…, however, is pushing it a little for me, although the last 10 minutes are quite something. The one that really surprised me, though, was Scorpio Rising, which turned out to be completely different from what I expected. I think you should go into the experience unprepared, but as a pointer: I think Boyd Rice took a lot of inspiration from this 25+ minute film.

Watching these movies, though, reminded me of my occulture reading list that I started more than fifteen years ago and which stalled somewhat around 2004ish for a number of reasons. Now, going through my bookshelf, I feel like re-reading a lot of that stuff and picking up some new books again. I still kick myself for getting rid of my Aleister Crowley collection 4 years ago in an attempt to cut of my past and start anew (we all know how that kind of thing works out…).

Watch Scorpio Rising after the jump (NSFW).


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